Land Surveying and GPS

Land Surveying and GPS Land surveyors once used tape measures and transits to measure distances and positions. Since the 1980s, electronic distance measurement, or EDM, devices have allowed for much more efficient and accurate measurements. These use a wave of energy that is shot between the EDM instrument and a reflector. The time the beam takes to return is then calculated as distance. Today, such...
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All About GPS Systems

All About GPS Systems GPS, abbreviation for Global Positioning System is the most accurate and sophisticated navigational system in the world. This system is used to track and determine one location on earth. This system was initially designed in 1960s by the US DOD (Department of Defense). Since then it has undergone various evolutionary changes in the past three decades. Many satellites were designed...
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GPS – Basic Definition

GPS – Basic Definition GPS (Global Positioning Systems) have been around for quite some time now. Its first use was with the military, but they have more recently been associated with civilian navigation devices. The latter is the topic of this discussion. There are three components necessary for the success of a Global Positioning System. Those components are made up of 24 satellites, GPS Receivers, and...
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Total Stations

Total Stations Up until about 35 years ago, surveying heavily relied on the Transit. Now a professional survey is much more likely to be seen using a Total Station. There are 3 major manufacturers for surveying and mapping. They are Topcon, Leica, and Trimble. Each of these companies produces a wide variety of instruments. A total station is simply a theodolite (Transit) that uses an electronic...
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Hydrographic Survey

Hydrographic Survey The hydrographic survey is used to collect information on navigable water bodies for safe navigation of vessels. For example surveying of any navigable waters such as lakes and rivers and oceans. However, it is mostly used in marine navigation. Hydrographic surveys are essential and widely used during planning, design and construction stages of offshore oil fields and...
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Electronic Surveying Equipment

Electronic Surveying Equipment Today electronic surveying equipment has become a major tool in the construction industry. It is through the use of such equipment that a surveyor can much more easily determine particular dimensions in order to ensure that the construction work being carried out is done so correctly. Although surveying has been around for many centuries now (both the Egyptians and Romans were...
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Surveying Equipment

Surveying Equipment There are many different things that you may need to survey, so if you are looking for surveying equipment you need to be sure that you are purchasing the correct surveying equipment for the job that you are looking to do. Construction survey equipment is going to be different then the surveying equipment used to survey a boat or car. Let’s take a look at some of the...
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Surveying Underwater – Hydrogr...

Surveying Underwater – Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveys Did you know that land surveyors are also responsible for surveying water, including the depths of the oceans? These types of surveys are called hydrographic and bathymetric surveys. The data collected during a hydrographic survey includes water depth, contours along the bottom, the direction of the current, high water marks, and any underwater landmarks or even shore landmarks...
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Hydrographic Surveys

Hydrographic Surveys The world is a detailed and complex place, which is why we have surveys to try and unscramble the puzzle. Hydrographic surveys are just one way of mapping the areas of Earth below water. What are they? Hydrographic surveys are a method of measuring and describing the depth, nature and configuration of areas below bodies of water. Hydrographic surveys can also show the height and...
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Land Surveying Equipment Used Today

Land Surveying Equipment Used Today Ever since man has seen a need to hold their own land, land surveys have been conducted. There were surveying tools that were created in order to measure the land. These went out of fashion until the Middle Age. During this time frame, there was a renewed interest in holding land.   The land owners wanted to know exactly how much they had and to make sure that no one...
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